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Cotehele unlocked

Thursday, 28 June 2018 - 11:00am to 4:00pm

Explore areas that are usually closed to visitors and meet the staff and volunteers who care for Cotehele.

We'll throw open the doors for you to explore areas usually closed to visitors. Meet the staff and volunteers who care for Cotehele, peek into offices, enter the sixteenth-century dovecote, the old potting shed, and climb the spiralling 55 stone stairs to the roof of the house (weather permitting).

This event is free, but normal admission charges apply for the venue.

You might want to bring a torch to peek into the back of all the closets. The sixteenth-century dovecote in the Valley Garden was once the roost for birds that were destined for the Edgcumbe family's dinner table. These days a dole of doves happily makes its home there without worry. You'll be welcome inside during Cotehele unlocked. The gardeners advise anyone hoping to visit the dovecote not to wear their best shoes - the resident white doves do tend to leave the floor a bit mucky.

Thursday 28Jun, 11am-4pm

For more information call 01579 351346 or visit the website