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By Electric Bike around Metherell

I have always enjoyed cycling but as I have grown older I was finding the steep hills around the Tamar Valley harder and harder.    Someone suggested an electric bike, and I haven’t looked back!

I live in the village of Metherell and one of my favourite cycling routes is about 15 miles.  I head off towards Albaston, stopping outside the Tamar Valley Centre to see what is going on in the next few weeks.   I cross over the main road and cycle through Hingston Down Quarry. The huge machinery working there always amazes me; it’s almost pre-historic!  Stopping at the T junction at Seven Stones I head towards Kelly Bray with Stoke Climsland and the Duchy College on my right and the tall stack at the top of Kit Hill on my left.   The views along that road are so beautiful. You feel on top of the world and whatever the weather it is always stunning.

On towards Kelly Bray.  Decision making here. Do I go into Callington or along Florence Road?   Florence Road is a favourite as I like to stop and look down upon the town.   I check out the school and reminisce (it was a grammar school when I attended).   The aerial/mast over at Pensilva can be seen from here as well as Bodmin Moor in the distance.  Cycling on, I go up the cycle path past Kit Hill again and down the lanes towards home.

Sometimes it’s a trip over towards Pillaton and St. Mellion.   I’ve even been known to stop at a pub for a glass of something, sit outside and chat to whoever is around.   It’s actually a very social activity. I am often amused by other people’s views on electric bikes. Some think I’m cheating?  Not sure about that, I’m out taking exercise, it’s not a moped, I do have to move my legs! I even got invited to join a cycle club!   I watch nature changing, there is always something different to see. With a bike you can wonder down the country lanes exploring the countryside in your own time, stop when you want, lean over a gate and just be glad you’re alive in this beautiful part of the world.

Aren’t we lucky to be able to cycle in the Tamar Valley!

- Charmian

Beside the river Tamar