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Privacy Policy & Personal Information

This website, We Love the Tamar Valley is owned and managed by the Tamar Valley Tourism Association. It does not collect any personally identifiable data from you, unless you sign up as a member, or fill in a form to contact a member organisation. 

We do use Google Analytics to collect generic information about how people are using the website, in order to help us make We Love the Tamar Valley more helpful and easy to use.

If you contact a member organisation, your email address will be passed to the member organisation so they can reply, but will not be used by the Tamar Valley Tourism Association to contact you, or passed on to any other member.

If you become a member, then your contact details will be collected so that we can provide you with an invoice, and allow visitors and other members to contact you.  You do not have to give an email address, but if you choose to do so, it may be made available to other members.  You can specify an email and postal address for invoices that is not published on the website if you wish to do so.